1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. Transferring calls

Transferring calls

A Flash operator panel user is able to transfer an active call in which they are
involved, by selecting the target extension, while a call is active, and clicking on the
“transfer” feature button.

[Figure 126: The call between extension 1000 and external caller 5000 will be transferred
to extension 1001.]

A call can be transferred by operator and regular FOP users.

The operator user is allowed further transfer capabilities with an option to transfer to
a voicemail box. The operator can transfer a call between themselves and another
party to the voicemail of any extension on which voicemail is enabled. To transfer to
the voicemail of an extension, simply select the target extension (the voicemail box of
which is going to receive the call) while a call is active and then click the “Transfer to
mailbox” function button.