1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. Logging records from a specific date

Logging records from a specific date

The Com.X remembers the last record logged and will only log records once new
records have become available. To configure the Com.X to start logging records
again at some date in the past, modify the /var/lib/commaman3000/lastdate file
located in the Com.X file system. This file can be created on a separate system or
laptop and copied onto the Com.X as follows:

scp lastdate comma@<ip­of­com.x>:/var/lib/commaman3000/

The format of lastdate is as follows: ccyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

For example:

2010/05/04 10:15:34

In this example, all calls placed after 10:15 and 35 seconds on 4 May 2010 will be
streamed to MAN3000.