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Installing MAN 3000 support

The Com.X supports logging of call records to a MAN 3000 buffer across ethernet.

To enable support for MAN 3000 on a Com.X unit, from the shell, install the
MAN3000 support package:

sudo aptitude install commaman3000

For Man3000 releases prior to 11.02:

Install the TCPIP2MAN3000 software on the MAN3000 Windows platform from:

C:\Program files\Man3000\App Feature Installation\Install_TCPIP2MAN3000.exe

Run the TCPIP2MAN3000 software and configure it with the IP address of the
Com.X PBX, using port 8989

For Man3000 releases post 11.02:

Activate the Man3000 TCP/IP configuration by enabling Soft Online Authentication,
or your Man3000 USB software dongle:

[Figure 104: Man3000 settings menu]

[Figure 105: Man3000 port settings]

Configure the TCP/IP settings with the IP address of the Com.X PBX:

[Figure 106: Man 3000 TCP/IP configuration]

Installing the PBX templates:
Download the Far South Networks MAN3000 PBX format template from the Far
South Networks website at http://farsouthnet.com/support/technical-notes/(right-click
Save Target As, or Save Link As)

Alternatively, download the formats directly (using a downloader such as wget) from:


Configure the MAN3000 software to use the Far South Networks Inbound PBX
format for PABX format 1 and Outbound PBX format for PABX format 2:


[Figure 107: Man3000 format settings]

[Figure 108: Importing a Man3000 format template]