1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. Defining outbound line numbers

Defining outbound line numbers

By default all outbound calls will be labeled with line number 9 to indicate that the
outbound line is unknown to the Com.X. One-digit line numbers (0-8) can be
assigned to outbound channels for recognition in the MAN 3000 system.

This assignment is done by creating a /etc/commagui/man3000.patterns file in the
Com.X file system. This file can be created on a separate system or laptop and
copied onto the Com.X as follows:

scp man3000.patterns comma@<ip­of­com.x>:/etc/commagui/

The man3000.patterns file contains entries of the following format:


For example:


Pattern matching matches the if it is part of the outgoing call record channel field. If more than one entry matches, the last entry matched determines the line number. The same line number may be assigned to multiple patterns.