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  5. Setting the system’s date, time and timezone

Setting the system’s date, time and timezone

The Com.X unit tries to obtain date and time from an NTP server on the internet.
Failing this, or in the case where the date / time discrepancy on a unit is large, the
date and time can be configured as follows:

1. Log in to the system using ssh.

2. If the system is unable to contact an internet NTP server to derive time from,
date and time might be presented using UTC (GMT+0) which may not be

3. To reconfigure the system’s timezone, issue the following command and
select the correct settings:

4. Set the date / time using the ‘sudo hwclock’ command and the format
“mm/dd/ccyy hh:mm:ss”

5. For example, to set the date to 10 Mar 2011 and the time to 18:12:

sudo hwclock ­­set ­­date=”3/10/2011 18:12″

6. Propagate the hardware clock setting to the running operating system:

sudo hwclock ­­hctosys

7. Confirm that both the hardware clock and the operating system time matches:

sudo hwclock
sudo date

8. Ensure that the commamgr is logging using the correct time. Warning: this
will disrupt service on all iTAs and analogue interfaces:

sudo /etc/init.d/commamgr restart