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Outcall supports only SIP extensions, but in addition to making outbound calls also
pops up contact details for incoming calls. Outcall has been tested with the Com.X
using Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2007.

Download the Outcall installer from http://code.google.com/p/outcall/downloads/list

Install the application and configure as follows:

Tab Field Value
Server Server IP address of Com.X
Server Username AMI username, see below
Server Password AMI password, see below
Server Port 5038
Dialing Rules Outgoing context from-internal (or the flexpath context for class of service configurations)

Table 51: Outcall configuration

[Figure 109: Outcall dialing rules configuration]

[Figure 110: Outcall server configuration]

Add the extension to be used for the PC running outlook. This must be a SIP

[Figure 111: Outcall extension configuration]

Log in via the ssh shell onto the Com.X and create an AMI user account as follows in



secret = fsntestuser



read = call,user

write = call,user

Restart the manager module:

sudo asterisk ­rx “reload manager”

In Outlook, select the contact to call and select the “Outcall” button. When a call is
received by the Com.X, the calling contact, or a new contact window should appear
in Outlook.

Figure 112: Outlook contacts integration