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asttapi allows dialing from both analogue and SIP extensions, but does not pop up
contact details on incoming calls like Outcall.

Download and install the asttapi setup program from


Select Start – Control panel – Phone and modem options

Select the Advanced tab and select ‘Omnis TAPI Driver for Asterisk’, then Configure

[Figure 113: asttapi configuration]

Field Value
Host IP address of Com.X
Port 5038
User AMI username, see below
Password AMI password, see below
User Channel The extension channel (e.g. SIP/8263 or Zap/8)
Line name The name of the line as displayed in Outlook (e.g. Far South Networks Com.X)
Context from-internal (or the flexpath context for class of service configurations)
Called ID The caller ID for the extension

Table 52: asttapi configuration

Apply the configuration. You may be required to restart Windows.

To place a call, right-click a contact and select “Call contact” and select “Dialing

[Figure 114: Calling a contact]

[Figure 115: Selecting Asterisk as dial option]

Select the correct line name. You may have to scroll down the list if the line is not