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Configuring sendmail for mail relay

The Com.X product range makes use of sendmail for outbound SMTP mail delivery.
The sendmail server will attempt to directly resolve destination mail server addresses
and contact these servers directly for mail delivery.
If your network design requires the use of a mail relay server for mail delivery,
sendmail can be configured to deliver outbound mail into the relay server’s queue. An
authentication username and password can also be configured.
The mail relay server may be configured to only allow emails from a specific domain,
in which case the sendmail server could need to be configured to masquerade as
originating email from that domain.
From the Start menu, select Configure and General settings. Enter the mail relay
server host, username and password and masquerading domain in the appropriate
fields and apply.

Note: The relay server’s hostname must be entered, not its IP. If the hostname is not known, create an entry called ‘mailrelay’ in /etc/hosts with the IP and use ‘mailrelay’ as the hostname:
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx mailrelay mailrelay.local